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The Future of Graphic Design
by tbmgraphix

In recent years, technology has been moving at a rapid pace. A couple of years ago no one would have thought that we could have virtual reality or cars that could drive themselves. With this rapid advancement in technology and concepts, the future of graphic design could be infinite.

Many design visionaries have given their input on this topic. Duane Bray, partner and Head of Talent of IDEO stated that, “historically, you would study graphic design, industrial design, or interaction design and there were a finite number of crafts out in the world. Now we’re starting to see that design and creativity can be brought to bear on a greater number of things.”

New design technology such as 3D printing could start to be used more and more into typical design practices. This is what Georgianna Stout, Founding Partner and Creative Director of 2×4 had to say about 3D design: “I think that product is going to be less static in the future. If you have 3D printing in a retail store, customers could customize their products to whatever size they want, such as an oversize version. There are so many ways that things are going to be designed just for you, as opposed to designed for set sizes.”

I do not foresee graphic design dying out anytime soon. I think it will continue to evolve and shape our world.


Source: 99designs - https://99designs.com/blog/design-history-movements/what-graphic-design-will-look-like-in-2033/

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