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Click here to answer detailed questions about your company and project.


After reviewing the questionnaire and initial consultation, an official quote and/or contract will be presented to you via email or phone. You'll receive the first invoice (5o% of the total agreed amount). Once contract is signed and payment is received, work commences. Your company, product or service will then be accessed. To accelerate the process, it is best to submit all materials pertaining to your project (Logo, Texts, Photos, Sitemap, etc.) in order to complete your project in a timely manner.

[heavytext]COMPLETE DESIGN & CONTENT [/heavytext]

After the first presentation of the design you can give feedback and share comments. The feedback round consists of a maximum of 3 rounds*. After the last round of feedback, final changes are made and the design is completed.

[heavytext]COMPLETE PROJECT [/heavytext]

Depending on your project, the project will be finished in 1 to 8 weeks. After finishing the project you will receive the final invoice of the project. After final payment is made, you will receive a copy of your original files /website launch. After this stage minor changes and errors will be processed free of charge. Larger changes may result in additional costs. Website maintenance plans are also available, please contact us for monthly rate(s).

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