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New Features: One-Hour Video Possibly to be Coming to Instagram
by tbmgraphix

11 Jun, 2018


Instagram is always updating, adding , and removing features on its platform. Some of these changes have been welcomed with open arms whilst others have been heavily scrutinized such as the chronological order of post being taken away. Recently there have been reports that Instagram is considering adding a new feature which would allow up to one hour videos to be posted. These videos would be shown in vertical form.Currently Instagram only allows up to one minute videos.

If this new feature comes to fruition, it could mean heavy competition for major video platforms like Youtube. Instagram has already proven before that it is not afraid to introduce new features that challenge the main image of another platform. For instance, two years ago Instagram added a feature that allowed users to post videos and images to their story, something that only social media giant Snapchat has been known for. A recent Pew survey found that 72% of teens used Instagram so this possible new feature could bolster the use of Instagram in the coming years for users and creators.


Source: NYMag - http://nymag.com/selectall/2018/06/instagram-reportedly-considering-one-hour-videos.html 

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