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by tbmgraphix

17 Jul, 2018


It's easy to fall into the same monotonous flow of ideas and concepts. Generating new, fresh, and innovative ides is somethings that large amount of people struggle with,I  myself included. We often might think to ourselves that whatever we come up with has already been done before. However, there are many ways in which you can develop new ideas that have never been done before. Like most things in life, practice will make perfect. Inorder to come up with new ideas a trick you can try is to write down at least ten ideas a day. Doing this will force you to work out your hypothetical idea muscle and get the engines turning in your brain, essentially brainstorming. Making this a part of your daily habits will allow ideas to flow smoothly.

Stephen Key, Co-Founder of inventRight and author of One Simple Idea Series, writes in an article for Entrepreneur.com that “More entrepreneurs need to embrace this notion: that you don’t need to be great. You just need to do.” You can't sit around all day waiting for inspiration to strike. You just need to expel all the ideas that you may carry in your head, whether they be good or bad, and commit to them.


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