Facebook Testing New AR Feature for Ads

Facebook Testing New AR Feature for Ads

The social media powerhouse that is Facebook has been on the scene since 2004. Facebook has only gotten more and more popular as the years have gone by. More than one billion people use Facebook. With that staggering amount of people on one platform, it is inevitable that such a platform would be a playground for advertisers.

At a conference earlier this year Facebook announced that it would be testing Augmented Reality (AR) with companies that wanted to display their products through Facebook’s messaging app Facebook Messenger. Now,they have announced that this AR feature would be tested with the New Fed on the main website. This feature would allow users to “try on” products such as sunglasses and make-up through ads by advertisers. These ads look like normal in-feed ads at first, but they include a “Tap to try it on” option, which opens up the AR capabilities.If the user likes the way the product looks through AR then they will most likely proceed to purchase the product.

In addition to this new feature, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will be expanding its shopping capabilities leading up to the holiday season.  Last month, Facebook started allowing brands to place stickers on Instagram stories to link out and let a user purchase the advertised product.



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