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Our Step By Step Design Process

Click here to answer detailed questions about your company and project. After reviewing the questionnaire and initial consultation, an official quote and/or contract will be presented to you via email or phone. You'll receive the first invoice (5o% of the total agreed amount). Once contract is signed and payment is received, work commences. Your company, product or […]

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There is a common phrase in today’s world that goes, “It's not what you know, but who you know”. A larger amount of people are seeking higher education and getting degrees. This means that a vast number of people are entering the workforce than ever before thus increasing the competitiveness of the job market. I […]

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It's easy to fall into the same monotonous flow of ideas and concepts. Generating new, fresh, and innovative ides is somethings that large amount of people struggle with,I  myself included. We often might think to ourselves that whatever we come up with has already been done before. However, there are many ways in which you […]

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Facebook Testing New AR Feature for Ads

The social media powerhouse that is Facebook has been on the scene since 2004. Facebook has only gotten more and more popular as the years have gone by. More than one billion people use Facebook. With that staggering amount of people on one platform, it is inevitable that such a platform would be a playground […]

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AI and Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more prominent in recent years. In 2017 Google had developed an AI called Alpha Zero that was able to master the complicated and intricate game of chess. This AI would go on to beat the world’s best chess computer program. This instance is just one of many that […]

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New Features: One-Hour Video Possibly to be Coming to Instagram

Instagram is always updating, adding , and removing features on its platform. Some of these changes have been welcomed with open arms whilst others have been heavily scrutinized such as the chronological order of post being taken away. Recently there have been reports that Instagram is considering adding a new feature which would allow up […]

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