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Best Practice #2: Create A New Content Plan
by tbmgraphix

01 Feb, 2018


Along with your website redesign, you will want to revisit your content. Survey your customers and gather user data from analytics. Create a plan that tells the story of your company’s current offering and how you help your customers. Then schedule the copywriting milestones to ensure that you have time to review and revise content before turning it over to your developer. Getting everyone on the team on the same page is important. Delaying or missing a deadline can push your website design launch back by days or weeks.

If your plan calls for a content-first website redesign, I recommend finishing the content writing before your visual redesign starts. You want the website redesign to complement your content and display it most efficiently and effectively. This sequence helps the developer know how to lay out the pages in your content management system.




Source: forbes.com

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