AI and Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more prominent in recent years. In 2017 Google had developed an AI called Alpha Zero that was able to master the complicated and intricate game of chess. This AI would go on to beat the world’s best chess computer program. This instance is just one of many that have solidified the presence of AI in today's world.

However, this new innovation has been met with controversy as some speculate that artificial intelligence could become too advanced and eventually surpass humans in every sector. Yet, AI comes with its benefits, specifically in design. According to an article on written by Fabricio Teixeira, AI is helpful in personalizing user experience and doing  monotonous legwork that would usually take a human hours to do. For example, Adobe Scene Stitch identifies patterns in the image to help designers patch, edit, or even completely reinvent certain scene.

Benjamin Wilkins from Airbnb stated that: “The time required to test an idea should be zero. We believe that, within the next few years, emerging technology will allow teams to design new products in an expressive and intuitive way, while simultaneously eliminating hurdles from the product development process.” 

The versatility of artificial intelligence is limitless and we have yet to see where it could go.





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